Let’s Redefine Love… together

We live in a divisive time.  Most of us move through our days with a sense of frustration, fatigue, or even fear about where our country and the world is headed. That fear fuels anger that clouds our judgement and destroys our happiness.

We all want to see change but we don’t know where to start. Redefined Love teaches us that we are not helpless. We are infinitely powerful.  Every interaction matters. Every relationship matters, from our most intimate romances to our families to our community and the world at large. Everything is connected.

Redefined Love provides a foundation for happiness. It is a courageous journey inward, followed by an infinite journey outward. It has changed my life, and I hope perhaps it will change yours, too. ❤x3

Good luck and best wishes to you as you begin your journey to Redefine Love.

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