Redefining Love: The Book

One woman’s quest to change the world

What started out as a desperate search for healing from trauma became Redefining Love, a courageous journey inward, followed by an infinite journey outward.

We live in a divisive time. Many of us move through our days with a sense of frustration, fatigue, and fear. That fear fuels anger that clouds our judgment and destroys our happiness.

Built on the foundation of the Three Pillars of Boundaries, Accountability, and Grace, Sara Beth Wald offers a new definition of love that honors the struggle of deep caring and empowers us to prioritize our mental health amid conflict.

We all want to see change, but we don’t know where to start. Redefining Love teaches us we are not helpless. In fact, we are infinitely powerful. Every interaction matters.

Every relationship matters—from our most intimate romances to our families to our communities and the world at large. Everything is connected.

Redefining Love offers a roadmap to help you heal from even your deepest hurts and disappointments and a pathway to grace within your most bitter disagreements. It doesn’t matter where you start; all that matters is that you begin.

If you are tired of feeling angry, resentful, hurt, and blown off course by what feels like uncontrollable circumstances, Redefining Love may be the answer.

Redefining Love Book

About the Author

Sara Beth Wald is a former social worker and journalist, blogger, author, TEDx speaker, and founder of Redefining Love. She is passionate about holding space for trauma survivors and walking through their stories to the healing that is possible on the other side. Sara lives with her husband and two sons in Montana. 

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