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Regardless of what type of relationship you want to improve – work, home, community – understanding how trauma impacts our everyday lives is crucial for navigating conflict.

Every time I’ve ever behaved in a way I wasn’t proud of, it was directly related to a trauma response. And that’s true for all of us. Something negative happens, some sort of conflict, and we go into survival mode. It becomes everyone for themselves, and somebody – or everybody – ends up hurt.

Are you an employer who wants honest, hard working employees with character and integrity? Encourage them to work on their mental health, and provide opportunities for them to do so.

Do you want your marriage to be a lifelong, meaningful partnership with your best friend? The best thing you can do for your marriage is tend to your own mental wellness.

Do you want to raise kids who are well-adjusted, confident, contributing members of society? Show them how to be a healthy adult by taking care of your mental health.

Do you want teachers who respond to your community’s children with boundaries, accountability, and grace? Train them on how trauma shows up in children’s behavior.

Do you want elected officials who live their lives with integrity and lead with common sense rather than emotion and ego? Elect people who are trauma-informed and know how to navigate conflict with boundaries, accountability, and grace.

We are in the midst of a cultural crisis.

Division and fear are creating unrest that distracts us from solving the very real issues we face nationally and globally. At Redefining Love, we believe that when people understand how trauma shows up in people’s lives, they are able to think more clearly and empathetically.

Redefining Love Workshops are designed with a singular goal in mind – to teach people how to navigate conflict in productive, meaningful ways. 

Sara Beth Wald

Founder, Redefining Love

About Redefining Love

The mission of Redefining Love is to help people understand how trauma impacts their every day lives, from how they interact in their marriage, to how they raise their kids, to how they do business, interact with colleagues, treat their clients and customers, and how they treat the server at a restaurant and the checkout clerk at the grocery store.

Redefining Love is NOT just about romantic love. In fact, romance is a distraction from the crucial love that gives our lives meaning and purpose.

Redefining Love offers a new way of looking at love that allows space for the big hard feelings, and a way forward through conflict and messy relationships.

Redefining Love is my life’s work, my passion, my dream, my whole self. It’s my offering to the world. It’s my way of trying to FIX all the brokenness that’s dividing us.

Redefining Love workshops offer a deep dive into the Redefining Love Framework. Each workshop is uniquely crafted for the needs of the individual organization.

Corporate Series

How is trauma impacting your workplace? And how can Boundaries, Accountability, and Grace improve your corporate culture.

Empowered Parenting Series

When parents feel empowered in the principles of boundaries, accountability, and grace, they can break generational trauma cycles.

Custom Workshops

The Redefining Love Framework can improve any relational conflict. Reach out to brainstorm a customized workshop that meets your needs.

We can’t wait to welcome you and your organization into the Redefining Love Family. 

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