The Trauma-Informed Workplace

Studies indicate that 67% of the American workforce struggles with their mental health, costing the economy $47.6 billion annually.* Yet most employers and employees know very little about how their brains actually process painful past experiences. At Redefining Love, we seek to change that.

“Leave your personal life at the door” doesn’t actually work.

Our subconscious never turns off, never sleeps, and certainly doesn’t take a day off from work. No one makes it to adulthood without some “baggage.”

Every workplace interaction is impacted by everything each individual employee carries around in their subconscious, good and bad.

How is trauma impacting your workplace?

And how can Boundaries, Accountability, and Grace change your corporate culture?

Redefining Love has nothing to do with romance. It’s about how we relate to each other interpersonally and culturally, at all levels of society, including the workplace. Redefining Love offers a mindset framework for trauma survivors that allows space for mental health within our interpersonal interactions. When we understand how trauma affects our lives, we are more productive, compassionate, rational decisions makers. This makes us better leaders and better employees.

Benefits of a trauma-informed workplace

  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Lower turnover
  • Fewer interpersonal conflicts
  • Improved problem solving
  • Less office drama
  • Heightened creativity
  • Confident leadership
  • Reduced stress

The immersive Redefining Love corporate training series provides employees with the knowledge to identify when trauma is interfering with workplace interactions, and how to respond with Boundaries, Accountability, and Grace when it occurs. 

Six-Part Series Includes

  • The Three Pillars of Redefining Love: Boundaries, Accountability, and Grace
  • The six types of trauma
  • How we get trapped in toxic circumstances
  • Naming, blaming, and the uncluttered subconscious
  • Understanding emotions
  • Workplace workshop: Applying the principles

Each session is around 2 hours, and can accommodate small or large groups. Group sizes 5-10 are more interactive. Groups 11-20 will break into smaller sub-groups during activities. Groups 20+ are lecture format, with volunteers from the audience.


  • Managers who are responsible for overseeing a staff and managing interpersonal conflicts.
  • Human Resources and all those responsible for hiring, firing, taking employee complaints, and making and enforcing company policy.
  • Supervisors in a position of oversight over other staff.
  • Team Members who rely on teamwork and cooperation to accomplish tasks.
  • Customer Service representatives who interact with customers and clients.
  • Public Relations professionals who are responsible for interacting with the media and being the public face of a business or organization.
  • Case managers responsible for managing caseloads with clients.
  • In short, everyone

The mission of Redefining Love

We heal our culture when we heal our trauma, one individual at a time.

Yes, we want your business to succeed. But we have a higher calling than simply helping you make more money. When our businesses are prospering, our communities prosper. It lowers crime rates, improves public and private education, and makes our streets safer. When your employees learn to navigate conflict with Boundaries, Accountability, and Grace, they take those skills into their homes, their children’s schools, their places of worship, their neighborhoods, their communities, and online. We are committed to healing the divisions in our culture, and believe Redefining Love is the way to get there. 


Sara Beth Wald is a former social worker and journalist. Her professional life has been an exciting mix of human services, writing, and editing for 20+years in the academic, non-profit, media, and corporate sectors. 

In 2018, inspired by her own recovery from trauma, Sara launched a blog called Redefining Love, which teaches people how to set boundaries and hold themselves and others accountable with love and grace. What started out as a small passion project slowly began to grow into something more. Over the last two years, Sara has dedicated her life full-time to teaching the principles of Boundaries, Accountability, and Grace.

Sara Beth Wald is an Amazon bestselling author, TEDx speaker, blogger, and entrepreneur committed to breaking generational trauma cycles by teaching the Three Pillars of Redefining Love: Boundaries, Accountability, and Grace. Watch Sara’s TEDx talk at

For more information about how Boundaries, Accountability, and Grace can improve your corporate culture and the productivity of your workplace, email

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