Trauma-Informed Massage

Our negative past experiences are not just held in our brains as memory. Studies show that trauma is also held in our muscles and tissues.*

A trauma-informed massage therapist understands trauma’s hold on the body.

A skilled practitioner can help patients locate and release held trauma through deep-tissue and limbic massage.

When combined with trauma-informed coaching, massage can offer a powerful somatic release of held trauma.

What is somatic healing?

And how can trauma-informed massage help?

Somatic healing utilizes movement, touch, and intentional action in the body to heal the nervous system.** Holding mindful awareness of your experience during movement can help release held trauma. Somatic movement is less about strength and exercise, and more about tuning in to what areas of your body hold tension, stress, and trauma-memory. Therefore, any movement approached with mindfulness can become somatic, including massage.

Benefits of trauma-informed massage:

Redefining Love Trauma-Informed Massage is a unique, multi-step collaboration between your Redefining Love coach and the massage therapist. Like all somatic movement, it is directed by the individual’s own sensations and experiences of discomfort and tension within the body.

Package Includes:

Session 1: 90-minute 1-1 with your coach to discuss what trauma(s) you’d like to address during the massage.

Session 2: Assessment massage to determine where in your body you’re holding your trauma.

Session 3: Trauma-informed massage session. Massage therapist targets your massage to your trouble points. Your coach leads a customized naming and release meditation.

Session 4: 60-minute 1-1 with your coach to reflect and discuss.

Trauma-informed massage is an approach to mind/body wellness that integrates skilled massaged therapy with the Redefining Love principles of Boundaries, Accountability, and Grace.

Redefining Love Trauma-Informed Massage utilizes a distinctive approach to safely guide trauma survivors through the massage experience, seeking connection and release with held trauma throughout the body, with the goal of long-term relaxation and tools to cope with future stress, anxiety, and trauma.

Meet the Team

Sara Beth Wald
Trauma-Informed Boundaries Coach
Founder, Redefining Love

Redefining Love is a mindset framework for trauma survivors that allows space for an individual’s mental health within complex relationships. Using the Three Pillars of Boundaries, Accountability, and Grace, Redefining Love provides a powerful new way to approach conflict, stress, and trauma recovery.

To begin your trauma-massage journey, email

(303) 798-1952
Lisa’s Healing Hands

Lisa Smith
Neuromuscular Massage Therapist
Owner, Lisa’s Healing Hands

Lisa brings 34 years of experience into her Neuromuscular Massage Therapy practice. By conducting a comprehensive wellness history, Lisa develops a customized treatment plan for each patient. She offers a supportive, client-centered approach to massage based on the unique needs of each client.

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*Shaw. Psychology Today. 2019.
**Dansiger S, Chabra R, Emmel L, Kovacs J. The MET(T)A Protocol: Mindfulness and EMDR Treatment Template for Agencies. Substance Abuse. 2020 Dec 1;14:1178221820977483.

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