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Join us on Zoom every Friday!

Join our Founder Sara Beth Wald and the other members of the Redefining Love community to learn, grow, and be inspired by Boundaries, Accountability, and Grace

Every week we will talk about how you can apply the Three Pillars of Boundaries, Accountability, and Grace to your life and relationships RIGHT NOW! Topics will be announced weekly, and coincide with the discussion topics in the Redefining Love Community Facebook Group, as well as Sara’s weekly blog on


This is a safe space to share, be vulnerable, and connect with others who are focused on healing and growing.


Although Friday Zooms are free and open to new participants, members must receive an invitation via this link in order to register. This is done to protect confidentiality and maintain a safe space to share hard conversations. Members are subject to removal by the group administrator at any time. Reasons members may be removed are violations of confidentiality with others outside of the Friday Zoom community, and hurtful, disruptive behavior within the group. 

 Please do not share this link with others! If you know of others who could benefit from Friday Zooms, please refer them to Redefining Love Founder Sara Beth Wald, via social media message or email at

Once you’ve registered from this page, watch for the Zoom link in your email inbox every Thursday morning. Then join us weekly every Friday at 9:30 a.m. MST. (Make sure to verify your local time zone!) 

Friday Zooms are a “come as you are, come when you can” kind of gathering. Weekly attendance is not required, but once you attend, you’ll want to come back. We are a tight-knit support community that loves fiercely! 


What to expect

Every week we’ll have powerful and insightful conversations about all sorts of topics related to Redefining Love through Boundaries, Accountability, and Grace. At our next session we will discuss:

CURRENT TOPIC: General check-in

Redefining Love Blog:

Next Zoom session is September 22, 2023


You don't have to struggle through life alone!

This is your chance to connect in real-time with others who are determined to live their best life, even when it’s hard, and want to support others on their journey.

Are you interested in learning more about Boundaries, Accountability, and Grace?

What is Redefining Love?

Redefining Love is personal growth framework that teaches people how to set boundaries and hold themselves and others accountable with love and grace. 


In order to successfully redefine love, The Three Pillars of Boundaries,  Accountability, and Grace must be must be applied both internally and externally. A person must first look inward, and define who they are and what they stand for (boundaries), give themselves credit for their strengths and openly admit their weaknesses (accountability), and love themselves through their pain, disappointment, and heartache (grace). Once this is achieved, they can begin to set boundaries for themselves, and respect the boundaries of others. They can begin to hold others accountable for their words and actions. And they can do these things with love, because they understand that most people are doing the best they can with the temperament and experiences they’ve been given, which is grace.

To learn more, please visit REDEFINE-LOVE.COM.

If you feel at any point like you want to harm yourself or someone else, seek professional help immediately or dial 911. You are worth too much to the world to choose otherwise.

The author of Redefining Love is not a licensed mental healthcare professional. The information included on this site is for the specific purposes of learning to set boundaries and hold yourself and others accountable with love and grace. For mental health diagnosis questions or clinical mental health treatment or concerns, please reach out to a licensed mental healthcare professional.

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