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Take a guided tour through boundaries, accountability, and grace with the Founder of Redefining Love, Sara Beth Wald.

Welcome to Redefining Love Boundaries & Trauma Coaching

You hear so much about boundaries. You love the idea of accountability. The world is so in need of grace. But honestly, it all feels overwhelming, right?! 

What if you set a boundary and they reject you? 

If you start to examine your relationships, you might fall apart at the seams! 

How can you ever come to a place of grace with people who have hurt you so deeply?

Why work on any of this when everyone around you is determined not to grow? Does it even make a difference, when you’re the only one?

Does this sound like you?

You’ve set boundaries before. It didn’t work. Somehow your limits just didn’t stick. Your voice wasn’t heard. Maybe you felt run-over. Maybe you felt intimidated. Maybe you wondered if you really had a right to speak up in the first place.

You’ve wasted so much precious time and energy speaking up in a noisy world that doesn’t seem to be listening. Is it just you, or are people getting angrier by the day?

You’re tired of feeling like the only person willing to compromise and have the hard conversations. Do you really have to put up with all that? At what point can you say enough is enough?

You're not alone

There is a way to love through even our deepest disagreements

Most people are uncomfortable with confrontation. Many of us tend to avoid it at all costs. When we Redefine Love, we learn that conflict is a natural and inevitable part of life. It can also be an opportunity to develop deeper connections with those we love, if we learn how to manage it in a positive way. Rather than something to be feared, conflict can actually be a deeply intimate shared experience when approached in a healthy manner. Redefining Love teaches us that boundaries are actually an act of love. When we set a boundary, we are saying that we love and trust the other person enough to be fully ourselves with them. We love them enough to share our truth with them.

Do you feel powerless, silenced, or afraid?  Do you struggle with perfectionism? Do you fear conflict? Do you fear being different or openly expressing who you really are? Do you feel trapped in toxic relationships? Have you struggled with anxiety and fear and nothing seems to help alleviate it? Are you often angry and you’re not even sure why? 

What if I told you there was a better way?

Imagine the Possibility:

Learn from the founder

Redefining Love Coaching & Membership

Learn how to navigate every relationship with boundaries, accountability, and grace, regardless of your differences. 

living with intention

What you'll learn from coaching

Redefining Love is all about loving yourself and other people through conflict, and choosing to surround yourself with other people who support you in your journey through life. Our habits and behaviors tend to mirror those we are surrounding ourselves with. So when we set healthy boundaries and hold ourselves and others accountable in a loving way, our environment shifts. It changes the energy.

Coaching Options

tier 1: Membership

The Redefining Love Community

Join the community of Redefining Love. Interact with others passionate about learning the principles of Boundaries, Accountability, and Grace.

$19.99 per month*

*FREE 7-day trial. Cancel anytime. 


Ready to join the Redefining Love community?

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Ready for Redefining Love Group Learning?

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Tier 2: Group Coaching

Redefining Love Group Learning

Join Redefining Love Founder Sara Beth Wald and her guest experts on a weekly Friday Zoom call to dive deep into how to apply the principles of Boundaries, Accountability, and Grace to all aspects of your life.

$49.99 per month*

*FREE 7-day trial. Cancel anytime. 

One-Time 1-1 Boundaries session

Redefining Love Boundaries Coaching

Work directly with Redefining Love Founder Sara Beth Wald on a 90-minute coaching call to process a specific boundary struggle in your life. 


*FREE 15-minute discovery call. 

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Ready for Redefining Boundaries Coaching?

*FREE 15-minute discovery call. 


Ready for Redefining Love Premium Coaching?

*FREE 15 minute discovery call.

1-1 Premium Coaching

Redefining Love Premium Coaching

Are you ready to go all-in? Let Redefining Love Founder Sara Beth Wald guide you through all the layers of your life, starting with your relationship with YOU! Identify your blocks and toxic relationships, and learn to love despite even your deepest disagreements. 


*FREE 15-minute discovery call. 
*Payment plan available.


Redefining Love Divorce Coaching

Redefining Love Divorce Coaching offers the support you need to do divorce “right.” Maintain your integrity, refrain from drama with your ex, and support your kids through this difficult time.


*FREE 30-minute discovery call. 


Ready for Redefining Love Divorce Coaching?

*FREE 30-minute discovery call.
*Payment plans available

What Option is Right For Me?

Compare options to find the opportunity that best meets your needs.
Or contact Sara directly to discuss a customized plan that’s right for you. 

Boundaries Session


Premium Coaching








Community Membership

$19.99 per month


$49.99 per month

Boundaries Session


Premium Coaching


**Customized plans available. Contact for more details**

Enroll now and you'll also receive Boundaries: 15 Stages of Freedom from Toxic Relationships FREE!

Praise for The Redefining Love Way

“Empathy and self-awareness are such important parts of boundaries. Sara has such ease and compassion when working with you on identifying your own feelings and considering someone else as well. She can help you learn how to advocate for yourself, set healthy boundaries for yourself and respect others, even if you don’t agree or understand boundaries coming from someone else. I really encourage anyone who believes in a well-balanced life where you can acknowledge your own potential, your own feelings, and those of others to work with Sara.”
– Renee, Montana

Is The Redefining Love Way For Me?

People only grow as fast as the soil they plant themselves in. Many of us avoid conflict at all costs. We don’t want to rock the boat and draw attention to ourselves. When we Redefine Love, we learn that not only is conflict unavoidable and okay, but it can even be an opportunity to learn and grow. We learn that speaking our truth and expressing our boundaries is the purest expression of love and trust.

Redefining Love is perfect for you if:

How it works

Begin your Redefining Love journey TODAY!

Join the Community

Join the Redefining Love Community on Facebook, and follow us social media. You can also study the complete library of Redefining Love resources on the website to begin your journey towards boundaries, accountability, and grace.

Book A Call

Schedule a call to decided which Redefining Love coaching option is right for you. Or, if you’re just curious about what Redefining Love is all about, schedule a call to ask all your burning questions!

stay involved

There is always something new going on at Redefining Love. It isn’t a linear process. We grow, we slip into old patterns, we support each other through it, and we grow some more. Stay engaged in the community and never miss a moment.

Meet the founder

Sara Beth Wald

After working several years as a social worker, Sara Beth Wald chased her dream of being a writer and headed back to school to earn a master’s degree in journalism. In the last 20 years, Sara has worked as a writer, editor, and journalist in the academic, corporate, and print media sectors, and she published a popular weekly syndicated column for eight and a half years.

She never lost her heart for service, and continued to work with her passion causes professionally or as a volunteer. As a trauma survivor, Sara is passionate about empowering women to overcome chronic stress, domestic violence, abuse, divorce, and other hardships, and believes in the healing power of truth telling.

Through her own journey of healing Sara created Redefining Love, a mindset framework based on The Three Pillars of Boundaries, Accountability, and Grace. Through Boundaries & Trauma Coaching, Sara teaches people how to set boundaries and hold themselves and others accountable with love and grace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let's see if we can clear that up..

Sara Beth Wald created Redefining Love as she processed and recovered from her own trauma. With the support of a therapist, she leaned into her own experience as a professional social worker and writer, and wrote herself through her pain and healing. 

Originally, Redefining Love was meant to be a free online resource for others struggling to make peace with difficult and toxic relationships. After years of supporting people through the Redefining Love process informally, Sara decided to scale back her day job as a copywriter and dedicate her time to guiding others through the Redefining Love journey.

But, if she was going to give up her writing income, she was going to have to turn Redefining Love into a business in order to make it work. And thus, Redefining Love Coaching was born!  

It depends on what your needs are. If you are seeking community with others on the Redefining Love journey, and you’d prefer a seminar environment that teaches various principles and topics within Redefining Love, then Group Learning is a perfect fit. 

If you are in need of guidance through the 15 Steps to Freedom from Toxic Relationships in a specific relationship, then a 90-minute Freedom Coaching call may be all you need.

If you are hoping to integrate Boundaries, Accountability, and Grace into every aspect of your life, and you are looking for a more intense 1-1 connection with a mentor, then you would thrive in Premium Coaching. 

Yes! If none of the options are the right fit for you, schedule a 15-minute discovery call to discuss your boundaries needs and make a plan that best suits your unique circumstances. Custom plans start at $997. 

Yes! If you are interested in Premium Coaching, you can make payments in three installments of $600. Contact for more information or to schedule a call. 

In order to Redefine Love, it is crucial that you are willing to be open to growth and intentional change. It doesn’t matter who you are, there is always room to evolve emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually. 

Redefining Love is not a linear process. Nor is it a magic trick. Redefining Love is a gradual shift in mindset that requires intentional effort. It really all depends on you, and your openness to grow. If you are ready to dig in and do the work, you could start to feel better about life soon after you begin. But don’t rush it. We are all a work in progress! Redefining Love is a lifelong practice in boundaries, accountability, and grace. 

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If you feel at any point like you want to harm yourself or someone else, seek professional help immediately or dial 911. You are worth too much to the world to choose otherwise.

The author of Redefining Love is not a licensed mental healthcare professional. The information included on this site is for the specific purposes of learning to set boundaries and hold yourself and others accountable with love and grace. For mental health diagnosis questions or clinical mental health treatment or concerns, please reach out to a licensed mental healthcare professional.

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