Ghosts or ancestors

We are all ghosts or we are ancestors in our own children's lives.
Recently I was watching the fantastic Bruce Springsteen on Broadway Netflix special and one line above all else spoke to me: “We are ghosts or we are ancestors in our own children’s lives.” I scrambled for a piece of paper and a pen, as I have so many times in my relationship with my husband. It used to drive him crazy, when I was struck by a thought, a revolutionary idea, ...
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What Does Voting Have to do With Redefining Love

Redefining Love is about taking a stand for who you are. Vote!
In case you’re wondering what voting has to do with Redefined Love… Well, everything. Redefined Love is about interconnectedness. It is about how you are connected to your most intimate self, and outward then to your family of origin, romantic partners, children, friends, and the world at large. Redefined Love is about how we relate to the world. It is about participating i...
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