Dealing with a hard goodbye

We’ve all faced difficult relationship choices and hard goodbyes. We meet someone – a friend, coworker, business partner, romantic partner– and they just feel right. There’s a whole lot of neurological reasons why that happens that I won’t get into, except to say that we meet people energetically where we’re at. So if you’re attracted […]

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Understanding emotions

When we think about how trauma effects the brain, we don’t necessarily think about emotions. We tend to associate emotions with the heart. Certainly we feel emotions in our hearts. But we also feel them in our skin, hair, lungs, muscles, gut, and throughout the rest of our bodies. Even though we feel emotions all

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Live a life without shame

What would a world without shame look like? There’s no way of knowing for sure, of course, because shame currently permeates every level of our culture. If you look at every instance of human suffering – big and small – at the root of it is not anger, not sadness, not envy, not even fear.

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Managing anger and other big feelings

There are a lot of big feelings flying around out there lately. Understandably so. Our consciousness is overstimulated with local, national, and worldwide news that has all our systems on high alert. It’s crucial that we understand how our body is designed to respond to our circumstances, so we can be healthy and regulated as

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