A collaborative series that provides a foundation for healing from trauma.

How is trauma affecting your team?

When we experience trauma, our minds and bodies get stuck in a state of dysregulation. As an act of self-protection, memories of the trauma are held inside us until we process and release them. The Anchor series is an interactive opportunity to connect with yourself and others in a safe, nurturing healing environment.

The Series:

SESSION 1: Boundaries
SESSION 2: Shame Cycles
SESSION 3: Grief
SESSION 4: Grace
Customized Optional 5th Session

Who we're for:

Corporate Teams
Non-Profit Staff
Mental Health Programs
Wellness Retreats
Social or Family Groups

Our methods:

We utilize a somatic approach to mind/body integration with a creative combination of interactive activities and a variety of modalities including repatterning, EFT/ TFT tapping, movement, and psychoeducation.

Schedule your team TODAY!

Unresolved trauma in individuals can affect your whole team. We are currently scheduling private groups for our 4- to 5-session trauma healing series. 

Learn tools to:
• End power struggles in your interpersonal or work relationships
• Break shame cycles
• Distinguish the difference between love and power
• Set boundaries with grace
• Be empowered to live and work together in peace and harmony

Contact Heather McAbee at shiftingsands4health@gmail.com

What to expect:

• Learn what trauma is, and how it shows up in your life.

• Find balance of yourself and others in your relationships.

• Gain practical tools you can begin using right away to regulate your body and mind.

• Define cultural buzzwords such as boundaries, codependency, and mindfulness.

• Have hope that healing and freedom from trauma is possible.

• Feel empowered to love those who have hurt you from a safe distance.

• Attain greater awareness of who you are and what space you take up in the world.

• Be empowered to step boldly into that space.

• Connect with others who are dedicated to personal growth and healing.

• Leave feeling centered, clear, inspired, and ready to dive deeper.

Who We Are

Heather McAbee

Certified Repatterning Practitioner
Shifting Sands Holistic Healing

Sara Beth Wald

Boundaries & Trauma Coach
Founder, Redefining Love

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